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Finished April 2019 Published 8 August 2020   The afternoon was dry. A boy with fiery red hair slalomed between the crumbling curbs, his bare feet stroking the pavement. The sound of skateboard wheels rumbled like thunder. His name was Peter. There was something in his path, a heap in the road. Peter swerved toward… Read the full article

Mountaintop Removal

Finished 10 November 2018 Published 5 January 2019 It came with a hiss in the ear. A simmer rippling underfoot. It went with a holocaust of stone collapsing into ash, inverted chlorophyll mingling with sobbing flames, toxin-laced fog, soot-woven beards. Another day’s work. Fire surging with the blood of blue jays, lively rivulets gone sour… Read the full article