“The Lore of Ramridge” Is Officially Published!

Yes! On the internet! Amazon.com, to be exact.

It is published as an ebook. Everyone who pre-ordered the novella should automatically have it by now, and those who don’t, feel free to purchase it on Amazon for the very low price of twenty dollars! Just kidding. It’s less than that, trust me.

Anyway. This is it. My little book, which I have been working on since middle school, is floating out in cyberspace, for anyone to read. Its words have been chopped to dust and reconstructed, and cover changed like loads of laundry. Actually, I can’t come up with sufficient metaphorical language to wholly describe what this feels like. It just feels like relief. Yes, I am relieved. And so excited. I can’t even feel the excitement, because it’s so unreal. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve been getting five hours of sleep each night for the past three months.

Either way—here I am, here it is, on the other side. Out of my head, and into readers’.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

This means the world to me.

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