“The Lore of Ramridge” Is Officially Published!

Yes! On the internet! Amazon.com, to be exact. It is published as an ebook. Everyone who pre-ordered the novella should automatically have it by now, and those who don’t, feel free to purchase it on Amazon for the very low price of twenty dollars! Just kidding. It’s less than that, trust me. Anyway. This is… Read the full article

“The Lore of Ramridge” Is Up For Pre-Order!

The Lore of Ramridge is now up for pre-order on Amazon! Everyone who pre-orders the ebook will automatically receive it on the day it is published, June 15. Please feel free to leave a review once it is officially published! Thank you so much to everyone who has brought us this far! I am so… Read the full article

Trium Perfectum

6 May 2018 We have a height-one of 0.3. So, for the triangle’s legs, it doesn’t really matter if you call the side height-one or height-two. 0.3 times 0.4 equals…yeah. H-2, divide by five. It’s a very small answer, 0.24. But it works. I look out the window, and I cannot imagine the thousands of… Read the full article

A Lament To The Revolutionary

6 March 2018 I crave—with every fiber of my veins, my head, my heart (if I have one), for something inexplicable. I mask this desire so well, let the daylight pilfer it and the nighttime relieve it, and I laugh at it before amiable faces and wretch at it before pristine, sun-slanted surfaces. White walls,… Read the full article

The Lore Of Ramridge — Ebook Cover Reveal!

14 February 2018 It’s genuine! It’s beautiful! It’s official! Here’s the cover for The Lore Of Ramridge, original artwork and design by Samina Mansuri. Check out her spectacular work at: http://www.saminamansuri.ca. Currently, I’m chopping away at the story day by day. Editing, that is. Thank you all for the support! Happy Valentine’s Day!    

Humanity As Unity

13 February 2018 Joy.  We’ve plucked young souls into miters, plundered homes in thirst, slaughtered sacred hides to feed billions. But we also know that at the heart of every one of us are the same desires—to be happy, to be loved, to be accepted. These desires are what make us human.  And being human… Read the full article