The Lore Of Ramridge — Ebook Cover Reveal!

14 February 2018 It’s genuine! It’s beautiful! It’s official! Here’s the cover for The Lore Of Ramridge, original artwork and design by Samina Mansuri. Check out her spectacular work at: Currently, I’m chopping away at the story day by day. Editing, that is. Thank you all for the support! Happy Valentine’s Day!    

Humanity As Unity

13 February 2018 Joy.  We’ve plucked young souls into miters, plundered homes in thirst, slaughtered sacred hides to feed billions. But we also know that at the heart of every one of us are the same desires—to be happy, to be loved, to be accepted. These desires are what make us human.  And being human… Read the full article

What Does Price Actually Measure?

18 January 2017 Your pair of socks, that tenth-edition textbook, this glistening MacBook screen. Schoolgirls in Gujarat, clearcuts in Idaho, circuit boards clogging Chinese riverbeds. Who dwells over the children stooping over an atomic basin as they slap a pair of new sneakers before the cashier? Who lends a thought to the by-catch carcasses while… Read the full article

EBook Coming Soon — The Lore Of Ramridge

4 January 2017   Twelve-year-old James goes missing in the corn maze of a popular local farm, making him the third child to disappear there in three years, never to be seen again. Mr. Wright, the grumpy old owner of Ramridge Ranch, teams up with Sheriff Hall to get to the bottom of the strange… Read the full article


22 July 2017 Aspiring doctor quit med school due to a smack across the head those bookshelves did damage. Integrated into the army wings whistling through Pakistan “I became the second man in Bharat to break the sound waves.” sonic captain of an air fleet “I landed that plane the right way.” Watching child rise… Read the full article

The Misadventures Of Uncle Kapur

15 July 2017 Corn, corn, and more corn—Rahul stifled a yawn as he turned his attention back to the windshield. The highway was sandwiched between vast fields of gold and green stalks, the evening sky a haze of gray. He picked a fourth crisp nugget from the fast-food bag tucked onto the dashboard, and popped… Read the full article

Their Lives Were Bound By Daylight

24 June 2017 —to live? Seasonal hums crept over the blurry dawn sky. Cooled blood streaked the clouds alongside the warmth of the sun. Creature fought against the stinging white light, as golden rays unsurely replaced the silver. It longed for the comfort of the womb. A biting gust of wind nudged Creature to the… Read the full article


11 June 2017 Sometimes I glance over my hands, and marvel at their purity. How unearthly it is that in a few decades from now, my skin might be crevassed in ripples and folds, my color deepening. Bones growing light and spindly, unfit to be prodded by pen ink tattoos. That the slender ridges of… Read the full article